€115.05M provided to the Agricultural Value Chain Development Project

The African Development Bank Group, the State of Cameroon and the beneficiaries have provided the Agricultural Value Chain Development Project with €115.05 million since 2022.

Apart from this fund, the Government of the Republic of Cameroon provides 75% of agricultural financing through the budget, the promotion of financial institutions, tax exemptions and innovative financing mechanisms. The micro-finance institutions are called upon here to seize the above mentioned opportunities.

All they need to do is take an interest in the many projects initiated at the national level to support the legal and individual actors who are interested.

Indeed, how to ignore opportunities such as:

  • PAGQ2C: Improvement and Quality Management Project in the Cocoa and Coffee Sectors.
  • AVANGANE: Integrated rice development project in the Central Region.
  • PAPA: Agricultural Productivity Improvement Project.
  • PEA Youth: Program for the Promotion of Agro-pastoral Youth Entrepreneurship.
  • Our platform is keen to support those of micro-finance that are willing to contribute to the financing of this sector or to the mobilization of guarantees specific to agricultural sectors.

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