Rural banking and challenges in developing countries

Money in the wallet of consumers could mean several problems, from security to frugality. Banks solve a big problem of have to keep money on behalf of users and make it available on demand.

But banks are not always a rural facility. Even though the amount of money circulating in rural settlement is a minor fraction of what city and urban dwellers experience, there is increasing need for these institutions to expand to these remote areas.

Most of our rural settlements involve in agricultural activities that serve the alimentary needs of city dwellers. As demand for food products increases in these cities, the demand for these necessities lays considerable pressure on farmers and producers or farm produce. Financial assistance therefore has been receiving a growing attraction from agricultural settlement. While bank operators have the willingness to expand their coverages, they are faced with several hindering factors;

  1. Profitability
  2. Accessibility
  3. Security

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